Monthly Archive: October, 2007

My perfect moment

AHHH my perfect momentone moment in my life that I have waited for for some timeI have had a few of these “perfect Moments” throughout my lifeA time when I just felt so… Continue reading


L’Chaim to the upcoming eventsto the simchas and the funwithout the stressand without the tensionL’chaim to tomorrowit should bring only goodand no more tearsno more fightsno more freaking oneself out in a hospital… Continue reading


I am feeling this intense amount of gratitude at this very momentI am finenothing is wrongit’s all good.Walking into the hospital today, I expected to hear the worst.My knee has been hurting a… Continue reading

Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

I have finally been able to achieve one of my latest goalmaking YOU understandthat what you do hurts me in every wayyour immature behavior needs to stopYou have finally been given a taste… Continue reading

Rain falling while finding the light

And the rain falls to the groundthese are the days of your life Yes there are some things lost and some things foundthese are the days of your life These are days of… Continue reading

Goals for the upcoming year

I am getting a fresh start over.How cool.I have the chance to change myself, even “late in the game”I am going to take this chance and use it the RIGHT way… not like… Continue reading


Life is really funny…I asked for a miracleG-D sent me an angel.I demanded that G-D give me what I want…one day at a time, here come my prizes.And out of my meltdown of… Continue reading