Life is really funny…
I asked for a miracle
G-D sent me an angel.
I demanded that G-D give me what I want…
one day at a time, here come my prizes.
And out of my meltdown of anger and fustration… my happiness is returning to me
slowly but surely I am gaining my strength back and this time I will make fewer mistakes.

What can I say?
Everything works in ways that are WAY beyond what I can understand…
but I think thats the best part… living in mystery. Every step is another piece to your very own puzzle
A puzzle that completes you and is the basis of your life.

And then one more great thing happened… I lost something. A door closed. I was devistated.But not for long.
A window just opened
and slowly but surely the hinges of the window will push open and allow the fresh breeze and the sun onto my face

one day at a time… and it’s all good.

Ya Gotta Love it 🙂