Monthly Archive: December, 2012

The Comfort Zone

Take a moment to study the image above. Focus on the words and study the meaning of every one. Every word could lead to a different decision. These decisions could lead to where… Continue reading

For the Love of Words

Lula- Girl of My Dreams, a British Fashion mag that prides itself which such descriptions as “the kind of girl you’d have a crush on (or be intimidated by)” has become a staple… Continue reading

The Income of Happiness

A little while ago, a Facebook photo of a man promising to share his lottery winnings with who ever shared the photo was shared over two million times, making it the most shared… Continue reading

Birthday Reflections

Birthdays are a rather peculiar thing. As I sit here, with the occasion of my twenty-first birthday have just passed, I cannot help but ask myself: Why are birthdays such a big deal?… Continue reading


During the Alter Rebbe’s 53 day imprisonment in the Peter-Paul Fortress in Czarist Russia, he was visited by various government officials, including the Minister of Culture. The Minister, a wise and noble man,… Continue reading