Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Stuck In the Middle With You

This portion of my life is what I have come to call the ‘in between’ phase. I am yet to find a place where I belong, a perfect fit in a world where… Continue reading

Shattered Illusions Gets Reviewed by The Stuff of Success

…..I knew all this work would pay off eventually. In case you didn’t catch this review on the Facebook page, here’s a link to a review written by Athena Nagel from Hooray… Continue reading

The Latest News and Views

My dearest readers (non- existent and otherwise), I have completely fallen off the face of the blogosphere. This is the problem of working two jobs while trying to promote a novel. You never… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Baby

This time last year my life was about to change in ways that I could hardly imagine. At twenty years old, my view of the world was still fairly naive and sheltered. I… Continue reading

I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen…

I am dreaming of balmy, sunny beaches, humid weather and a strong suntan. As a native of California, this blustery, -16 New York weather does not resonate with me. I find myself now,… Continue reading