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In Forest Fields

Over the past six weeks, Israel has become my home. I’ve walked its streets, worked in its bakeries (more on that later), prayed in its synagogues, written on its tables, dipped my feet… Continue reading

Journeys and stuff

I had finally hit rock bottom. It was 11:30pm on a Wednesday. My car was stuck at the side of a dimly lit, foggy road somewhere outside of San Francisco. It was dark,… Continue reading

What I wish I knew when I got divorced at 23

It’s been a hard year, to say the least. I would have never believed that my life could play out this way. But, man plans and G-d laughs, right? Though I’m not ready… Continue reading

This Is Redemption

  We recently concluded the eight days of Pesach (Passover), the Jewish holiday which commemorates the Jewish nations redemption from Egypt. It’s a 2,000 year old story that we repeat year after year: The Jews… Continue reading

Comparisons Anonymous

“Hi…My name is Leigh, and I’m sixteen days sober of comparisons. Oh, cute top….I want one. She is so much prettier than me. I’d never look good in that….Oops. Hi, my name is… Continue reading

From Exile to Exodus

                          There was nothing as sweet and exhilarating as the chaos of Erev Pesach in the Chabad House of Rabbi Yosef… Continue reading

Color in a Colorless World 2.0

The original post can be found here. I am Hasidic woman. I am also a writer, whose target audience is not the Hasidic community.  While those two worlds may sound like polar opposites,… Continue reading

Outside In

You see them everywhere. The outside-in people. They’re your neighbors, your friends, and sometimes, you see them in your own reflection. They’re the people who walk the walk but can’t talk the talk.… Continue reading

Criers, Lovers and Ballet Dancers: What the Subway Taught Me About Human Connection

The 5 train leaving from Grand Central Station was particularly crowded on Saturday night. I was returning from Manhattan to Brooklyn with a broken suitcase and a broken toe. I entered the train.… Continue reading

Of Wires, Cables and Cell Phones

On Saturday night, the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a writer in full on writing mode happened…Ok, maybe not the worst thing, but it was pretty bad.  I was tearing… Continue reading