Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

I have finally been able to achieve one of my latest goal
making YOU understand
that what you do hurts me in every way
your immature behavior needs to stop
You have finally been given a taste of your own medicine
How does it feel now that YOU are in my place?
You have to sit they and feel a victim to someone elses issues?
Do you think it’s MY fault that your life is the way it is?
Your decisions and choices had nothing to do with me
your stubborness comes from within my dear
It feels so good to see you stare at yourself in the mirror
” is this really who I am?”
Good morning my dear
have a sip of coffee
relax in the know of what has been said
Your own medicine is poison
it’s hurting everyone, not healing… isn’t that what medicine is supposed to do?
The last thing you have done for me is help…
but then again
you have helped me realize
that treating people like garbage because of your pain is the worst thing you can do.
Take out the trash my dear, stop pushing everything into one bag
My advice to you for your sudden awakening?
Take a spoon full of sugar down with your medicine.
That’s what helped me get by when you were poisoning me
now that the tables have turned lets see how you’ll survive
the bitter medicine
of your pain
your fear
your life
Feel free to beg and plead for an apology of all the damage that has been done
and then the sugar will clear the icky, sticky mess from your throat
and a new day will come
and I’ll be waiting on the other side
see ya there…
if you ever make it over.