Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Destiny Is Calling

As seen on  the Scene13ers:  This past Monday, I did a live chat on Google Hangouts with my friend Alanna Schaffer to discuss one of the characters in Shattered Illusions, Danny Michaels. Danny… Continue reading

London Calling: A Chat With Author Maria Savva

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? I’m from London, UK. I’m an author. I write short stories and novels in various genres. I worked as a solicitor for about… Continue reading

Love/Hate/Doubt/Confidence/Love/Hate: A Shmooze With Author Angella Graff

I was very fortunate to touch base with many different authors and bloggers during the six months prior to the release of Shattered Illusions. Angella was one of those lovely authors (and bloggers).… Continue reading


His name was Steve. He was tall, slim and had that thick, blonde hair that graces the heads of Abercrombie models. He wore slacks and stripped sweaters, and sunglasses that clung to his… Continue reading

How To Be An Adult

Our dreams of adulthood began at age seven. My cousin, sister, and I used to spend long afternoons after school or on the weekends, planning out our futures: The careers we would have,… Continue reading

The Boxer

There’s a saying that goes as follows: I enjoyed boxing, until I got knocked down. I didn’t enjoy it that much after that, so I quit. (Ok, so I’m not sure if the… Continue reading