Monthly Archive: June, 2013

The Hustle, The Shuffle, The Hora…

This article was written as part of my monthly contribution to the Scene13 Blog, a blog for authors who released books in 2013. The original article can be seen here. Changes are difficult;… Continue reading

Shattered Illusions Gets Reviewed

Dear friends, My wonderful friend Antona Smith finished reading Shattered Illusions this weekend and shared her thoughts on her blog. You can read it on her blog, or you can read it below.… Continue reading

The Annual Meeting For People Who Annually Meet: Adventures Of Post Publication

This weather is killing me. New York has never been as bi-polar as it has been in the past few weeks, or at least, not in the three years that I’ve lived here.… Continue reading

The Latest Buzz

Dear friends! Here’s the latest buzz about Shattered Illusions: My dear friend Antona Smith, a writer and all around powerhouse, is in the middle of reading Shattered Illusions, and shared her thoughts so… Continue reading

L’chaim U L’Brocha

Its finally happened. Summer has hit New York, (albeit with thunderstorms and nasty humidity, but it is summer nonetheless). It almost feels like a redemption of sorts. Though, redemption from extreme cold to… Continue reading

Why I Waited To Go To College

I originally wrote this article in hopes that the Times or the WSJ would pick it up for their Op-Ed column. When that didn’t work, I sent it to the Huff, and the… Continue reading

The Battle Of Self: How To Stop Your Ego From Destroying Your Talent

In the world of Art, it is very easy to fall prey to almost anything. An artist paints, draws, writes, sings or dances the essence of their being into the world around them.… Continue reading