The Hustle, The Shuffle, The Hora…

This article was written as part of my monthly contribution to the Scene13 Blog, a blog for authors who released books in 2013. The original article can be seen here.

Changes are difficult; transitions can be tough. The transition that I am going through now has been a year in the making, but I don’t see it becoming any easier any time soon. It has become more enjoyable and less of a stress in the recent weeks, but there is still much to be learned. I think at some point, a person needs to step back and realize that there are things in their life that they simply can’t control.

Last month, my debut novel Shattered Illusions was released. Since then, my life has been snowballing out of control…Though I expected things to be a bit more hectic than they have been. Life continued on as normal, although now I am making many more trips to the post office than I used to. The employees at my local post office know me by name now! The transition has been tough partially because life hasn’t stopped. Not that I expected for life to suddenly hand me a golden platter and say “Hey, you worked hard. You don’t have to do anything else from now on, we’ll take care of it.” There are still bills to pay, a life to lead, people to meet, a person to become, a career to develop. But, on the other hand, I can’t wait to repeat this process with my next book. The transition is a reminder that, at the end of the day, I’m still human.

Writing and publishing a novel is a dance of sorts. For some people, it resembles the hustle. For others, the shuffle, the electric slide or the hora. There are different ways to go about it, but the goal is the same. I’ve gladly tried every dance that has come my way so far. Some moves have worked for me, others haven’t. The trick is learning how to get up and ‘dance it off’ when you fail. I haven’t ‘failed’ yet, but there are times that I’ve come close. The transition from almost published to published seems very slight, but it has made such a difference in my life. Although I look the same, feel the same and go through the same challenges that I went through before my name was on the front cover of a novel, something has changed. The transition has been strange, but it has also been incredibly enjoyable. I’ve met new people, connected with people with whom I may have not otherwise…Its been the greatest blessing. There’s no telling what my life would be like without the book, but I can say one thing for sure: Tough transition or not, there is no where else I rather be.
We have to go through transitions. We have to feel the tides of change. Humans must always under go new things. Otherwise, what’s the point of living?

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