Monthly Archive: April, 2008

Pure defintions

Another endless night, with another test to study for ( two actually)10 dates to memorize… does anyone know what happened on Nov.11,1918?Or why the Romantic Period in Europe was called the Romantic Period?I… Continue reading

Poetic Attack/True Definition of a crossroads p2

“The TRUTH…WHERE is the truth, because you have been living a lie and I have been lying to you.”There. I said it.I admit now that I said it I feel a bit badBut… Continue reading

True Definition of a crossroads part 1

I have been sitting here and contemplating the very advanced thoughts that one must think when studying for an English test…. ” And Morgan Le Fey was his sister and blah blah blah…”Sorry… Continue reading


And at this point in time, it is your decision…Left or Right?Now that I have become a puppet, you get the lovely choice of choosing for meLeft or Right?Now that I have been… Continue reading

Seriously Contemplating the true possibility of self loathing

The House of Shattered glass is openCome one, come all, to this splendid place!A once in a lifetime treat that you don’t see very often!Back in my horror movie, my roller coaster, my… Continue reading

Divine Simplicity

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you seeAll the same things become so complicatedall the simple thingsThe Divine Simplicity of life can become an obstacle courseA big leafy maze, with twists… Continue reading

light and fluffy

Right now, I rather not be thinkingthinking thinking thinkingalways thinkingTick tock I rather not be looking at every current situationevery happy occurance is only making me think moreWhy can’t life just be simple?Plain… Continue reading

possibly experimenting on the idea of self loathing

House of Shattered GlassMy own private roller coaster, conveniently located in my backyardLooking around, and I am quite disappointedMy park is emptyIt’s only me here, picking up the pieces of glassHow Fun! So,… Continue reading