The Latest Buzz

Dear friends!

Here’s the latest buzz about Shattered Illusions:

My dear friend Antona Smith, a writer and all around powerhouse, is in the middle of reading Shattered Illusions, and shared her thoughts so far on her blog last week. You can find that article here.

On Friday, author Patrik Balester gave me quite a surprise when he emailed me to let me know that he had decided to spotlight Shattered Illusions on his very popular book blog! Quite an honor indeed! You can find that article here.

I have been enjoying signing and shipping all around the world in the past two weeks. So far, over 75 books have been shipped! I look forward to hearing your feedback and reviews! If you’ve received your copy of Shattered Illusions either from me or Amazon, please snap a photo and send it to me over at my Facebook page! So far, followers have sent photos in from Spain, Israel, Arizona, California, Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles! I can’t wait to see where else the book has reached!

That’s all for now my friends! Stay tuned for more exciting news (and the Ebook release!!) coming soon!


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