Monthly Archive: June, 2007


Hate is not a feeling that I feel very often.It is not something that I like to feel.It is such an ugly emotion,Hate.Yuck. But at this point in my life, after everything that… Continue reading

No feeling

It is a feeling that I cannot describeThe passonate anger that I feel at this very moment.I do not love you, nor do I hate you.I no longer feel for you.How can I… Continue reading


Fighting is so silly.Anger and fustration blown out of preportion.Obviously it is good to get your feelings out in the open, it is never healthy to let the pain eat you from inside… Continue reading

The Beginning Of The End

FriendsThe siblings that G-D forgot to give us.No kidding.My friends my support system.The people who I can be myself around.Not plastic or fakejust me. Its a funny thing, frienship. My friends are my… Continue reading

3 days left!

Ladies and Gentlemen!Boys and Girls!I am pleased to announce this wonderful news… There are only 3 days of school left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is quite bittersweet… but not really!The summer is coming! Days of Ice… Continue reading

Free Spirit

What has happened to me?Who have I become?A lier, a cheater and a bitter old woman.Someone who is so afraid of the truth, or what other peoples reaction will be.What sort of a… Continue reading

Fly Away

I am awaiting the day when I will grow wings and be able to fly far far away.To soar wild and freeto be free from worries and fearsto not have to care any… Continue reading


I have nothing to say except that this has been a very uninspiring week for me.Nothing to write about, nothing to say. Only the usual. School, Finals, Shabbattons. I was reading one of… Continue reading