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A Californian in California

It’s been four months since I abandoned this blog. I didn’t do it on purpose, I promise. My travels took me from Israel back to New York, where I was immediately swept up with project after project, until I suddenly found myself in California. Engaged. To be married.


An American in Israel: Travel Diary

The passport control line at Ben Gurion Airport is always a nightmare. Knowing Israelis, I see this line as a ploy to scare the heck out of foreigners. The tiny cubicles, tight faced… Continue reading

The Sunday Conductor: Stories of New York

                      It is a rarity to see anyone on the subway more than once. From panhandlers, beggars or performers, they usually pass by… Continue reading

Because I Am A Girl: Stories Of New York

  West 14th Street on a Wednesday afternoon looks nothing like what I’m used to. In the hustle and bustle of the weekend tourist hour, I usually power walk, keeping my head down and… Continue reading

Toothless: Stories of New York

  “Excuse me my sisters and brothers! I’m a diabetic and I’m homeless! Can you please help me out!” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Help me. I had entered the… Continue reading

The Window: Stories of New York

My office is in a basement. The fluorescent lighting accentuates the blinding white walls. We’re four employees, our desks pushed against a wall, our faces glued to our screens, ears plugged into variations… Continue reading

Criers, Lovers and Ballet Dancers: What the Subway Taught Me About Human Connection

The 5 train leaving from Grand Central Station was particularly crowded on Saturday night. I was returning from Manhattan to Brooklyn with a broken suitcase and a broken toe. I entered the train.… Continue reading