Monthly Archive: January, 2013

This Week in the Media

This week, I was very lucky to secure a guest spot on a fantastic book blog, SS Book Fanatics! You can check out the guest spot and a new review of Shattered Illusions… Continue reading

The First Excerpt of Shattered Illusions

IDON’T KNOW WHERE I am—somewhere between heaven and earth, a place of utter terror and endless confusion. This place, only brought to life in my most horrifying nightmares, is suddenly within my reach,… Continue reading

The Filter and the Sponge

When I was seventeen, my very wise uncle imparted words of wisdom that I have carried with me since. Being the young, slightly naive girl that I was, I believed that at such… Continue reading

This Week in the Media

I am very proud to announce that earlier this week, an article I wrote was featured on You can check out the article here. I’ll be back to blogging in my ‘own… Continue reading

From My Corner Of The World

The New York winter has finally begun to settle in, and with the blustering wind come an endless stream of thoughts. There is an out pour of emotion and transition brimming over in… Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award!

2013 Thus far has proven to be a fantastic year for me. I’m a bit dizzy from all of the things that have come my way since the new year began. With less… Continue reading

Everybody Wants to Rule The World

We live in a time where social status on the Internet is everything. Our generation (or rather, I should say ‘this’ generation) is one of instant gratification. It seems that no one truly… Continue reading


I just wanted to take a moment at the threshold of this fresh, crisp, new year to open in my hands in gratitude of everything that has come my way. Thank you to… Continue reading