Monthly Archive: March, 2008

experimental self-loathing

So, here I ampicking up the pieces of glassla di da, making my way through the kitchen with a broomdusting up the madnessBOOMthere goes another glass… 😦 and it was a nice one… Continue reading

Shattered Glass

My world falls down around meboomglass all over the floorThis is what I get for trusting people. This is why I am alonethis is why I hide myselfI put my trust in youfreakin… Continue reading

Stepping in

Stepping into the circleJust stepping in to take a peakwhat has it been like since I stepped out?I think I may find what I am looking forsomething realsomething pleasantwouldn’t that be nice Sometimes… Continue reading

Mind reading

The crisp wind of such a perfectly melancholy dayMind reading everything thought and every expressionWanting to go back to yesteryearwanting to relive what has been donecraving the pastEVERYTHING has changedno it hasn’t…only if… Continue reading

Going in circles

Its not realNothing is realwe can pretendso lets pretendgo back to the old days Summer breeze is coming closesummerI can’t do thisI can’t pretend that I am okayIt’s all pretend right?None of these… Continue reading

Tick Tock

Nothing is realAnd nothing to get hung aboutStrawberry Fields Forever Just like thatI’m back againon the phonethe voice on the other line is distanttimes are changingpeople growpeople comepeople goit’s a busy street full… Continue reading