Going in circles

Its not real
Nothing is real
we can pretend
so lets pretend
go back to the old days

Summer breeze is coming close
I can’t do this
I can’t pretend that I am okay
It’s all pretend right?
None of these feeling are real
I will not grow up, none of you can make me
too much
the next time we will reunite, everything will be different
Its really really really REALLY hard for me
dancing in the light of the moon
oh to be a child again
and here I am
wide awake in my thoughts
trying to put the insanity to sleep
hush little darling, don’t say a word
words ruin the moment
there was a moment, wasn’t there?
A moment when time was still
just us
and the light of the moon

but thats all gone now
the hardest part is letting go
knowing that tomorrow we will be different people.
I shouldn’t be this upset
looking at the joy in your eyes
stupid pricks
time to step out of the darkness
put out the candle
and walk into the sun light
its a a new day
a new beginning
twas nice knowing ya
I think I’ll go dance in the sun
forget the moonlight
it was really great while it lasted
but now its a new day
no more going in circles