Tick Tock

Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields Forever

Just like that
I’m back again
on the phone
the voice on the other line is distant
times are changing
people grow
people come
people go
it’s a busy street full of a million people
wandering aimlessly with time
tick tock tick tock
time goes by so slowly
waiting for it to move
Hearing the voice on the other line
I knew it was coming
the change
told me nothing was going to ever change
ohh the joys of blocking out what you don’t want
Being naive wont solve anything honey
it only makes it worse

Time is going by
flying by like birds in the sky
everyone is chained down in the world to their own movement
tick tock tick tock
I am so afraid of change
Scared and worried
thinking about the past
long long time ago
I can still remember
how those words made me smile ( Yes its cheesy but I stole the lines from American Pie HA)
telling me nothing was going to change
Time goes by so slowly
I dont want you to go
I want you to stay
I am being a bit of a freak here
but I was here first. I was important first
Time goes by
So slowly
walking down into the field
eating my strawberries
and crying of course
I miss the past
The future is freaking me out
Baruch Hashem