Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Star Struck

There are two types of fear: First off, there is a fear of something that is presently before you, be it a monster under your bed or a knife welding maniac pounding his… Continue reading

The Storyteller

I attract storytellers to me like magnets. There is an unexplainable, almost nature defying pull that connects me with other writers (and dream travelers, artists, etc), almost as though my body is laced… Continue reading

Happiness is ______________

Every year, without explanation or warning, Simchat Torah arrives with a cloud of gloom. I cannot remember a time in my life when Simchat Torah was greeted with sunny skies and high temperatures.… Continue reading


While visiting home for Sukkos this past week, I managed to have a bit of a scavenger hunt around my bedroom. Every time I visit my childhood home after a long duration in… Continue reading