Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Forward, March!

“Getting to where you need to be is an important step. But nothing is as important as getting out of where you’re at right now.” -Daily Dose Such a statement could not be… Continue reading

Location, Location, Location

New York, Winter 2010 My Seminary interview- The interview to end all interviews. The moment that I had been preparing for since…how do you measure forever? I couldn’t remember what the point was… Continue reading

Square One

As a structured, coordinated and organized person, my greatest challenge as a writer was learning how to commit myself to paper. As backwards as it sounds, it was a difficultly that I faced… Continue reading

Blessings For A New Year

In the Jewish calendar, we are quickly approaching the middle of Elul, the last month of the year.  Elul is a month of transcendence, a time for growth and reflection. We are taught… Continue reading