Monthly Archive: July, 2007

Silly Thoughts at 1:49am

Silly me.Wide awake, contemplating this interesting thing called life.My life.I should be asleepSnug and comfortable under my blankets. But No. I am here.In front of my computerThinking about what an interesting life I… Continue reading

A Lesson

I am very sad to announce…That the three weeks have begun,3 weeks of complete and total sadness. No musicI had enough of this by the sphirah. The cause for this sadness is great.The… Continue reading

Invisible I Am Not

I don’t want to be invisible.I am becoming a part of the wall. I am a human being with feelings and my feelings are hurt at the moment. These past weeks, I have… Continue reading

Caution: Handle with Care

I think I need to start walking around with a sign that says:Fragile… Handle with Extreme Care. Watch out! The person you are about to speak to is: Sensative and Naive… May need… Continue reading


You are cordially uninvited to my life. For once, YOU should feel what its like to be on the outside looking in ( or the inside looking out) For once, I don’t want… Continue reading

Lost and Confused

I am standing at a cross roads… Do I go left or right?Forwards towards my destination, or backwards to a safe place? Many of the streets and paths that I am taking are… Continue reading

Take A Look

Friend Look into my eyes.What do you see?What are my feelings?Who am I? My dearDo you love me?Do you care for me?Can you describe what you feel for me? SisterTake a look into… Continue reading