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“Are we in a war now?”

As Featured on the Times of Israel Click on the link to read on friends!     Advertisements

As Featured On The Times of Israel!

My recent blog post, In Forest Fields, was revamped and featured on The Times of Israel last week. Click the link to read!

Shattered Illusions Excerpt, #2

Hear ye! Hear ye! The second excerpt of Shattered Illusions has been released! You can check it out below or over at Indie Reviews, where I also gave an interview about Shattered Illusions and… Continue reading

The Latest News and Views

My dearest readers (non- existent and otherwise), I have completely fallen off the face of the blogosphere. This is the problem of working two jobs while trying to promote a novel. You never… Continue reading

The Filter and the Sponge

When I was seventeen, my very wise uncle imparted words of wisdom that I have carried with me since. Being the young, slightly naive girl that I was, I believed that at such… Continue reading

This Week in the Media

I am very proud to announce that earlier this week, an article I wrote was featured on You can check out the article here. I’ll be back to blogging in my ‘own… Continue reading

Not Impossible

Today marked the final sessions of ModPo, a ten week course offered online by University of Pennsylvania through In honor of the completion of the course, I would like to share a personal… Continue reading

Charlieissocool- Not

I am not one who usually writes about a piece of popular “here today, gone tomorrow” news in social media. In today’s society there are enough ups and downs, shocking scandals and blanket… Continue reading

Color in a ‘Colorless’ World

I have written on several occasions in the past about the people who were opposed my writing. Most of them had good intentions. Many of them cared for my well being and the sanity that I would… Continue reading

The Nay Sayers

On this bleak evening, I find myself trapped indoors by Sandy’s cruel, devastating winds; it’s time to share the next piece of the story. I’ve been avoiding this post for a long time. Every… Continue reading