Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Riding The Waves: Adventures of Post Publication

Last week, I took a much needed vacation to Miami. I’ve been working around the clock on the promotion of Shattered Illusions, and while I absolutely love what I do, sometimes, you just… Continue reading

The First Live Discussion of Shattered Illusions

First and foremost: thank you to all of those who tuned in for the live discussion of Shattered Illusions today! It was so much fun to do and I can’t wait for the… Continue reading

Shattered Illusions Reading Series: Chapter 1, Part 2!

The Reading Series Begins!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past week, here’s the latest scoop: * The reading series of YouTube started this week. I am really enjoying being… Continue reading

Great Expectations

I tend to expect great things of myself. The perfectionist in me expects the highest quality of effort and work from myself, which in turn, means that subconsciously, I have similar expectations for… Continue reading


The past couple of months have been a bit of a weird transition for me. Though life in post release has kept me very busy, I suddenly found myself with so much extra… Continue reading