experimental self-loathing

So, here I am
picking up the pieces of glass
la di da, making my way through the kitchen with a broom
dusting up the madness
there goes another glass… 😦 and it was a nice one too
While I’m at it, I might as well go all out
just open up every single cabinet
and throw every single piece of glass on the floor
I could turn it into an amusement park!
“WELCOME ( !!!!) To Leigh’s glass house
(shoes are required for park entry, thank you for your understanding)

I am experiencing this… this thing
How to describe this THING?
I shall tell you
Maybe I was too harsh when I shattered all that glass
maybe I was too quick to call it betrayal…
or was I?
The mystery of all mysteries
left or right?
backwards or forwards?
Upside down or inside out?
Push on, push off
and explode
Gee, I am making a pretty hectic roller coaster…
in my house of shattered glass
it sounds like a title of a horror movie
I Like it!

So, back to the point…
and the point was?
Anyone remember the point?
Self Loathing
AHA! I have solved the mystery… I think
So, self denial leads to self loathing which in itself is like lying to yourself which is betrayal

AND NOW I have just gone in a full circle without a conclution

Okay… lets think
think think think
no conclution still
standing in a puddle of shattered glass
and an apology
To break the apology or the glass?
Wait… aren’t they both the same thing?
The shattered glass lead to an apology
and now I don’t know which one I like better

Experimenting has lead me to a conclution… finally
I was hurt
By a prick
and it caused me to denounce a connection
shattering glass…
and now the connection has come back
I think I just want to go play in my house of shattered glass
and enjoy the ride
And come back to solve another mystery another day