Rain falling while finding the light

And the rain falls to the ground
these are the days of your life

Yes there are some things lost and some things found
these are the days of your life

These are days of my life
two lines of a chorus
thank you Moshav Band for putting my life into such simple terms
I am constantly searching for a way to put my life into a “better perspective” or a better term
I found it

I am waiting for one thing though:
The shining light through my window til the morning light….:)

It’s unbelievable how one can connect to music
the lyrics
the sweet melody
the note
and I don’t usually connect to many songs with words ( Idan Raichel doesn’t count)
SURE catching tunes and such are fine for those loose days
but for my thinking, breathing, mind and soul
classical music hits the spot
especially lately, it’s all that I can connect to.
Every song is a new and exciting story
I am looking forward to the day when I will hear myself play these beautiful melodies.

NOW I found three sentences in which I can sum up my whole being as of now at the age of 15
The rain is falling in between losing and finding and looking for a shining light
Ya gotta love it