Goals for the upcoming year

I am getting a fresh start over.
How cool.
I have the chance to change myself, even “late in the game”
I am going to take this chance and use it the RIGHT way… not like last time.
“You may never get this same oppurtunity again!” said the people who watch me fly and then fall…
They were right. I didn’t get the EXACT same oppurtunity…. and I don’t WANT the same oppurtunity again!
Different is good. I am getting different chance to change…. I went from depressed to happy last year
and THIS year I am going from Happy to to an extremely joyful and thankful person ( Warning: this over load of joy is contagious!!! But I actually think that’s a good thing!!!)

The number one goal is to spread the joy… why keep it all to myself?
The second goal is to live and let live.
The third goal is to STOP being hard on myself ( although I admit that this one is going to need A LOT of work!)
Number four is realizing that I am not at fault for other people’s mistakes.

And then, theres my list of fun stuff to achieve:
Reaching the inner artist that I have locked up within me.
Reaching my goal of being able to play Chopin’s Minute Waltz on piano… if I achieve that this year, it’ll truly be a miracle!
( Honestly, that’s a BIG one, because I have only been playing for about two years,and playing WELL for 8 months 🙂 so getting that far would be amazing)
Finding my innner child…. the more mature I get, the more serious I get, the more I loose my fun side…. I rather be silly than serious sometimes.
And last but not least: finding something active that I enjoy.. maybe riding a bike or playing tennis ( I played tennis for two years, but that was 5 years ago…)

Whatever it is, I am changing… and I am going to fly… soar through the night sky, just like Peter Pan

Second star to the right and then straight until morning…. I am reaching my Neverland