My perfect moment

AHHH my perfect moment
one moment in my life that I have waited for for some time
I have had a few of these “perfect Moments” throughout my life
A time when I just felt so beautiful. I felt like I owned the world
This perfect moment was no exception

The day was shabbos Bereshis ( this year)
The day of the bris of Devorah Leah and Rafi’s son Yosef Yitzchak
After running around all day preparing for the bris, I wanted to find a place
at which I could be at peace, even if it was only for a few moments
It was shabbos mevarchim, so I had to say tehillim… but where?
Every corner was packed with happy people eating cake
I needed to find a perfect place
A chair
under a HUGE tree in the backyard
right in between the woman’s tent and the men’s farbrengen
I felt like a princess
Hearing the singing, the laughter and the joy from both directions
sitting under the tree in my gorgeous outfit that made me feel 25 and not 15
Surrounded by beautiful people who I adore
and wonderful people who adore me
A perfect moment
a great photo op if it wasn’t shabbos
I was at peace with myself in my one perfect moment
pure bliss

Ya Gotta Love It