Criers, Lovers and Ballet Dancers: What the Subway Taught Me About Human Connection

The 5 train leaving from Grand Central Station was particularly crowded on Saturday night. I was returning from Manhattan to Brooklyn with a broken suitcase and a broken toe. I entered the train.… Continue reading

Book Report: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

General Synposis (taken from the back cover of the book): They say one out of every hundred people is a psychopath. You probably passed one on the street today. These are people who… Continue reading

Chatting With Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Please welcome author Jennifer Allis Provost !!How old were you when your first piece was published? 34, the year I earned my marketing degree (I’d previously earned an environmental science degree).  How has social… Continue reading

Book Report: I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown

General Synopsis (taken from the back cover of the book): The quest for perfection is exhausting and unrelenting. There is a constant barrage of social expectations that teach us that being imperfect is… Continue reading

Say What? A Chat With Book Blogger Savannah Mae!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina which is a city north of Charlotte. Some might consider it small but it… Continue reading

New Year, New Me?

Originally posted on the Scene 13 blog I must admit the new year has been off to a bit of a slow start. Compared to last year, when I was scheduling the release… Continue reading

Of Wires, Cables and Cell Phones

On Saturday night, the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a writer in full on writing mode happened…Ok, maybe not the worst thing, but it was pretty bad.  I was tearing… Continue reading

Shut Up and Listen

I attended my first protest when I was eleven years old. My school organized a field trip for the 4th grade to visit Sacramento, the state capital, for a fun ‘educational’ day. What… Continue reading

The One Where I Rant About The Shidduch System

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I am not one of ‘those people.’ You know, one of those people that rants and raves all over the internet about a topic that bothers them.… Continue reading

Mind Talk

Hello, this is your mind speaking. How are you? I know it’s a bit of a redundant question, but I cannot be rude and ignore your feelings.  I don’t mean to sound harsh,… Continue reading