Note to self on recent events

anger: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire. Anger is like a poisonIt can take over a persons entire being in less than 24 hours.Anger is not… Continue reading

Growing Up is not for Sissies!

This weekend, I was going through my closet, when I passed by a few of my old diares.I decided to look through a few of them. And what I saw scared the living… Continue reading

Something to think about

This week, was Holocaust rememberance day We went to the Holocaust musuem with school todayI am tramatizedI didnt even go into the holocaust exibitjust looking at the other stuff freaked the heck out… Continue reading

L’chaim to life

WowI can’t believe its over!Pesach is done!I felt so guilty when I took that bite out of my pizza at the Kretchme tonight.😦I can’t believe it!The last days were just amazing beyong amazing!The… Continue reading

Leaving Mitzraim

When the Jewish people were taken out of Egypt, they were free people. G-d had taken them out of their labor, and their pain of working for the Egyptians. They were FREE.And THEN… Continue reading


Challenges.Boy do i LOVE challenges.Most people think I’m nuts.When I tell them that I like having challenges, they all look at me like I’m some crazy person from the moon.But really.Challenges are great.You… Continue reading

Pesach in Crown Heights

Pesach in Crown HeightsThe past 3 days have been so beautiful.It has been a very cold, yet heartwarming experience.The freezing weather was something that no one was looking forward to. I arrived at… Continue reading

What a wonderful place

Ahh Torrey Pines.Such a Glorious Place.( Hey Noi and Chani- Remember how you didnt think I would need a camera!:) )Full of beautiful memories.Only Happy Vibes coming from Torrey Pines!Remembering the day that… Continue reading

The power of a smile

Dont Forget to ALWAYS have a smile on your face.Your Smile can change someones day.Someones month..Someones year…Someones life…The power of a smile is more than what we can understand.It has the power to… Continue reading