Free Spirit

What has happened to me?Who have I become?A lier, a cheater and a bitter old woman.Someone who is so afraid of the truth, or what other peoples reaction will be.What sort of a… Continue reading

Fly Away

I am awaiting the day when I will grow wings and be able to fly far far away.To soar wild and freeto be free from worries and fearsto not have to care any… Continue reading


I have nothing to say except that this has been a very uninspiring week for me.Nothing to write about, nothing to say. Only the usual. School, Finals, Shabbattons. I was reading one of… Continue reading

Lots going on

WoahThere is so much stuff going onI don’t even know where to beginShabbatons, and ShavuousFinals and Camp ( its less than 4 weeks away!)School is already over!What the heck! It seems as if… Continue reading

Hateful Self Defense

I hate youThose three words can slice through a person like a knifeI hate youThree words said so easily, the effect seems almost harmless.But it is much more harmfull than one may think.Why… Continue reading

Tzama L’chol Nafshi

Tzama L’chol NafshiMy soul thirsts for you… For the few years that I have been religious, I could never quiet understand these words. I would sing the niggun all the time. And somehow,… Continue reading

Is there something wrong with me?

Is there a doctor in the house?I think there is something madly wrong with my mind.The feeling that I kept inside of me for so long, was finally let out.I knew this was… Continue reading

Longing for Change

Dear G-d I am longing endlessly for change.I want this change to comeand take me awayhelp me start a new, fresh meI want to change myself.I have already begun to change myself spirtuallyBut… Continue reading

Fake Reality

Something has caught my attention over the past couple of weeks at school. Not only throughout the past couple weeks, but also throughout the past 15 years of school. It is a little… Continue reading

A sign

Dear G-dHere I amone of your soldiers2:30am Sunday, April,29,2007 HashemI need a signsend me a signam I doing the right thingAm I on the right pathShould I be doing something that I am… Continue reading