Outside In


You see them everywhere. The outside-in people. They’re your neighbors, your friends, and sometimes, you see them in your own reflection. They’re the people who walk the walk but can’t talk the talk. They’re the people who represent two different things. On the outside, the represent truth. On the inside, they are torn with conflict. To be or not to be? To live or to simply exist? To be who you are, or fake everything?

Sometimes I wonder: Are we all just wearing the masks that society tells us to bear?

You wear the garb, from head to toe. On the outside, you look the way you should. Is it fake?  You look like you mean it, but I wonder what’s happening in your head.  What is it you’re trying to prove? Is ‘fake it till you make it’ your motto? Wear the garb, wear the pride, until it transform you on the inside?

From the moment you rise to the moment you fall, everything around you is questionable. Who are you? What are you? What is your purpose? What do you believe in? You dress like you believe. But then, you open your mouth and the words give a different interpretation.

When you walk down the street, people know who you are and what you represent. You represent a lifestyle. You represent a nation. Looks can be deceiving.

We can look at self transformation from a myriad of views. You can work on yourself from the inside out, beginning first with your spirit, your heart, your soul. You refine your core, while on the outside, you lack the means of showing it. Your mind ticks differently, your heart beats at a different pace, yet on the outside, you look like everyone else. Eventually, your core radiates to your physical being. You become your thoughts. You become your meaning. You become you.


Outside in. Walk the walk, talk the walk, but know that on the inside, it isn’t real. Your look says one thing, but your spirit shows something different. You make look refined, it may look like the hard work is done, when all you’ve done is put on a clean shirt. It’s a disguise. It isn’t real. It could become real, if you take a moment to permeate it. But you know you won’t. Self transformation isn’t for you. You like the look, but aren’t interested in the work.

Ask yourself: Are you who you tell yourself you are or is it just a mask? Does your outer self represent who you really are, or are you just going along with the motions? How long will it take for your spirit to catch up to you? How long will it take for people to see the real you?

Looks can be deceiving.

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