Chatting With Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Please welcome author Jennifer Allis Provost !!How old were you when your first piece was published?

34, the year I earned my marketing degree (I’d previously earned an environmental science degree).

 How has social media helped/hindered the promotion of your work?

I don’t think social media has hindered me in any way; if anything, it has helped me reach a new audience, time and again. What has hindered me is a lack of time to devote to social media.

3) How has your writing style changed over the course of your writing career?

I don’t think it has. I’m a devout pantser, and always will be.

 Do you find that your work is semi autobiographical or based on real events, or is as far from your personal life as possible?

It’s as far as possible. My characters exist in my mind and my pages, no where else.

 What advice would you give to someone starting in a literary field?

Get an excellent support system going, and perhaps a standby bottle of wine 🙂

 How do you feel that your publishing journey (or journeys) has changed your outlook on life?

My successes have reinforced that good things happen when you work hard and hone your craft.

 It take’s tough skin to be able to handle this business. What is your method of getting past negative or hurtful comments?

I try to remember that literature is subjective, and that not everyone likes everything. And, that standby bottle of wine mentioned in #5

Who has been the biggest help or inspiration to your writing career?

My husband, Robb. He is my cheerleader, my business partner, my shoulder to cry on, my co-celebrant. I could not do this without him.

9) What was your greatest writing ‘success?’

When I held the proof copy of my first novel, Rise of the Deva’shi, in my hands. I had done the impossible, and made my imagination real.

Do you have a daily writing routine? If so, what is it?

I get up super early (5am) and write while the house, and the kids, are quiet. I find I can do 2500 – 5000 words a day this way.

What are your creative outlets outside of writing, if any?

I also paint, draw, and make jewelry. And, I constantly redecorate my house. I currently have an imperial purple dining room with chalkboard wainscoting (for the kids to draw on). Next weekend, I’m going to paint golden frames around the wainscoting.

 How do you think that electronic readers have affected global readership? Are you pro e-readers?

I am pro e-reader, in the sense that anything that gets people reading is a good thing. Personally, I prefer paper.

If there was one thing you could change about any of your writing journeys, what would it be and why?

There was a decade-plus period where I wrote nothing. If I ever meet a real time traveler, I’m going to ask to reverse that.

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