Twenty Things To Be Happy About Right Now

Inspired by Neil Pasricha’s Ted Talk: The Three A’s of Awesome 

What is there to be happy about? I’ve been sitting in my room for the past hour and a half, looking up quotes about insecurity, happiness and guilt, as if those three have one to do with the other. I’ve been feeling particularly happy, yet extremely insecure and slightly guilty (and insecure about the guilt) today. I decided that I needed to do something about it. Inspired by, I’ve thought it would be fun to make a makeshift list of ‘awesome’ things. What are some awesome things/events happening in my life that I should pay attention to and be happy about? (Besides for this super awesome photo?


1) Meeting my niece via skype for the first time

2) Books. Piles and piles of them. All over my shelves, my bedroom floor, and on my bed

3) Meeting Markus Zusak this week, and finally having the chance to tell him that his work inspired me to jump start my literary career

4) The fact that I have a literary career

5) The way the world literary rolls off my tongue when I say it with a British accent

6) The way my British accent sounds slightly Israeli, and therefore all the more fun to use when I talk to myself

7) Dancing like an extra from a Pat Benatar music video at the end of a long day

8) Early morning walks

9) The smell of winter in New York

10)  The first snow fall of the year

11) Singing really loud and off key to Take On Me (yes, I like 80’s music, can’t you tell?)

12) Cooking for my family, whichever family it is, wherever they are

13) The smell of perfume when it settles on clothes

14) Falling asleep with wet hair and waking up with a Jew-fro

15) Coffee. Lots and lots of it

16) Riding in a crowded subway car with hundreds of strangers yet still feeling a sense of camaraderie

17) Long, winding, hilarious conversations with my friends about our childhoods

18) Receiving unexpected phone calls from old friends

19) Being old enough to have ‘old friends’

20) Knowing that whatever difficulty I may be going through, it’s all going to be okay in the end. Even if the universe’s version of ‘okay’ is different than mine

What are 20 awesome/random/wacky/happy things happening in your life? Share your thoughts!

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