Excuses. We all make them. I’d say most people define themselves by the excuses they make (or don’t make).Life is like a high way (I wannaaa riiide it alll night looong….sorry, it was just there)  and excuses are like traffic.Have you ever been on the 405 in Los Angeles during Friday afternoon rush hour? Yeah, that  kind of traffic.Those excuses you keep making up for why you can’t be who you want or do what you truly want to be doing are piling up.If you don’t control them, you’ll be in worse trouble than someone stuck in Carmagedon. Excuses will stick you. The more you make, the bigger they grow, and soon, they take over your life.

Imagine: It’s a hot summers day, your stuck in LA traffic, and your air conditioning just busted. You know that sticky, sweating feeling of being stuck to the seat of your car? Yeah, those are your excuses. You have a choice to stop making excuses and do something fantastic with your life. Or, you can stay where you are, and try to be perfectly happy with the fact that everyone else on the highway is cruising by you, while you’re still waiting on the side of the road, waiting for the tow truck that you never called, to magically appear and fix you.

What are some excuses that people make?

“I’m not good enough.”

“It’ll take too long.”

“I’m not qualified.”

“I’m scared.”

“What if I fail?”

And, my personal favorite:

“What if it’s not worth it in the end?”

Here’s what I have to say about these excuses (that I myself make at least once a day, in not more):

*Good enough for whom, dear? Stop focusing on what other people think. Think about it this way: If you are really passionate about something, enough to commit your life to it, you’re going to make it work. Being passionate means being a little bit crazy, and in order to be that free, you have to stop taking every person’s thoughts into consideration.Good? Good!

* I love this excuse, because people who use it don’t realize how ridiculous they sound (guilty, party of one). Life is moving anyway.  Time is passing, and in the time that it took you to you are make those excuses about how getting up and doing what you really love, it isn’t stopping for you to make up your mind. The time will pass anyway, you might as well use it doing something that will help you reach a goal. Goals are good. We like goals around here, they keep us young and sane (or at least, somewhat).

* Were Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein ‘qualified’ in their fields when they started out? I don’t think so. Anything of worth takes practice, obviously. So, if you’re not qualified at something or ‘good enough’ at something, you will be, with time. Use the time to work at your craft, and you’ll see how things change.

* I’m almost 100% positive that everyone uses this excuse on a daily basis. Being scared is part of being human. But, you have to be willing to decide to turn your fear into positive energy, instead of letting it swallow you whole. You’ll be surprised to find that everyone in the world that you admire and look up to is just as scared as you are, they just do a good job of masking it.  Turn the fear into something that will produce results, even if only for your own sake. Let the fear be a drive, just don’t let it drive you into the ground.

* I’d like to borrow a quote from my favorite movie as my response:

“So, you failed. You failed. You failed, you failed, you failed. You failed, you failed, you failed, you failed, you failed! You failed- You think I care about that? I do understand. You wanna be really great? then have the courage to fail big and stick around! Make them wonder why you’re still smiling.”

I hate to burst your bubble, but failure is bound to happen. Technically, as long as you keep going, as long as you don’t give up and keeping moving, no matter how painful the moving forward may be, you’re not a failure. Keep your smile on, and keep moving.

* What does ‘worth it’ really mean anyway? You’re bound to experience things that you’ll enjoy more, and things that you won’t enjoy at all. However, that shouldn’t mean spending the rest of your life stuck. Stuck in your sticky, hot, smelly car, on the side of the road, watching all the other cars speed past you. You’ll gain something out of every experience you have, so yes, it’ll be worth it. Think about it this way: Every opportunity you come across may give you the chance to help someone in need. How do you know that the one wrong turn you made won’t lead you to helping your fellow? If anything, you should break out of these excuses, if only to make a difference in someone elses life. If you won’t do it for your own sake, then do it for someone else.Do it for someone who really needs it. You’ll find that you’ll be much happier in the long run.

Even if it means getting out of your car and walking, do it. Crawl if you have to. Anything is better than holding yourself prisoner to an excuse. So, what are you waiting for? Get moving!

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