The First Excerpt of Shattered Illusions

IDONT KNOW WHERE I am—somewhere between heaven and earth, a place of utter terror and endless confusion. This place, only brought to life in my most horrifying nightmares, is suddenly within my reach, the place that I had feared to find, in which all would be complete, in which I would die. The darkness of the situation has enveloped my being. Am I still living? Yes. Am I going to die at any given moment? Definitely. By whose hands? My own, or those of the shadows lurking in my midst? There is no sky, there is no earth, just a deep, black pit, never-ending in its power. The night has come to ransack my soul.
By now, I have learned that insanity is the only way to bear it. How else? Death is not an easy thing to accept, because in truth, it is an insane occurrence, at least to those creatures that are allowed to live. I am broken, unearthed, defeated. There is no time, no space; I have no past, present, or future. I am now nothing more than an illusion of what once was and will never be again….