Other People’s Dreams

Living in other people’s dreams
Floating around in everybody else’s ideas
Loving the whole world, except for your small corner of it.
Forgetting for a moment that anything really matters
and enjoying everyone else’s dreams.
There is no time for the truth, not when there are other people’s goals to fulfill.
Being able to fulfill everyone else’s dreams
being able to think everyone else’s thoughts
and what happens to YOU?
Where do YOU suddenly disappear to?
Among the shadows, among the darkness.
Following in the shadows works for a while, but even the shadows do not last forever
at some point, the sun has to come up.
You have to learn to think for yourself
to dream for yourself and not for anyone else.
Suddenly, you have to learn to be okay with your wants and needs.
How strange.
Only in the topsy turvy world that we live in is it acceptable to dream for everyone else except for yourself.
What makes everyone else so much better than you?
What makes everyone else’s predetermined goals so appealing?
Life is better when lived to the fullest, with raw materials and a fresh start
not with premade dreams
recycled ideas
reused personalities
and reduced morals.
The road less traveled always has nicer surprises, greater expectations
and even sweeter results.