Scraps of Life

In the midst of the shadows, a light has arisen.
A light that will show me the way to my destination.
A scrap of life.
A piece that was left over from the daylight.
It brings on hope throughout the long, black night.
A light that will stay around until the day light arrives
and then it will be gone forever.

A scrap of life, a piece of the left overs.
A sacred flame to remind us of the days that have passed…. they were good days.

The main thing to remember is not to fear the darkness, not to run away from the shadows, but to embrace the light within,
To search within the shadows of the soul for the light.
Reaching for the darkness is easier. Darkness is anger, it is sadness, and those things are always easier to come by. Everyone has anger, everyone has sadness, everyone has their own shadow.
And where is the light?
Left behind.
In the back of your mind, you will always search for the light, but you will never do anything with it. Not until you decide to conquer the shadows.
Shadows aren’t a bad thing… it just depends on what you intend to do with them.

A scrap of life is that which allows you to reach for something deeper. Something deeper which you may not always understand, but that is something that will help you through the night, until the day light brings around different things.
Better things.. hopefully.

It really all depends on the way you decide to look at things.
Is it just a shadow?
Or is there inspiration lurking around back there?

Here comes the day light…