Because you asked…

I’m only doing this because I was asked.
I am only who I am today because of what people have told me to be
I say what I am told to say
I act the way I am told to act
Ladies and Gents, the puppet is here.
I have learned from my past that sometimes talking to certain people isn’t good for my health or my sanity.
And somehow, the light bulb just doesn’t go off at the right time. I know there are somethings I shouldn’t say in front of some people, and then I just let myself do it anyway… pretty little mistakes I am creating for myself here…
I am a very friendly person
and I am learning that maybe that isn’t such a good thing
people get the wrong idea
I get confused
everyone goes home angry.
So I switch the scene around a bit:
I don’t talk
no one listens
we politely smile and exchange hellos
and everyone goes home happy
No judgement
Just easy, simple, light… I can be friendly without breaking boundaries…. right?
Easy. I can do it. I just need how to curb my appetite for making fast friends

So, back to me being a puppet:
I have become a puppet because I use both those scenarios without thinking first.
Sometimes I use one in a place that they shouldn’t be used.. or I use both at the same time.
And sometimes I just hide away from the world because it’s easier.
Either way… I am only doing this because I was asked.