Personally Speaking…

I have been told that I need to stop being so personal.
” Everything you write about is always so personal, maybe you should focus on other things for once.”
When I tell people that I am a “writer” the first thing they usually ask me if WHAT do I write. Short stories? Poems?
Do I write for magazines or newspapers? Nope. Just for myself. Just for the pleasure of writing. And then they look at me funny.
When people tell you that they are a writer, as in, that is their profession or “who they are” ( because in essense what you do defines who you are. or is it the other way around…?) they mean that they have done more than just personal diaries and blogs that no one reads anyway…
So, I rephrase. When people ask me what I want to do, or what I plan to do with my life, I tell them that I WANT to be a writer, in future tense, because currently all I do is babble on about the insanities that work their way around my head.
I was talking to one of my friends, and she stopped me when I said this. “Stop telling people you want to be a writer, and start telling them that you ARE a writer.”
So I am a writer
but all I do is write about myself. My experiences and goals and this and that… and I think a writer needs to be so much more than that. Especially if I want to make a profession out of it… I can’t write auto biographical novels my entire life, no thank you. I don’t really think I am THAT exciting.

I have all the right tools, I just don’t know how to use them properly. I need an owners manual ( if only life came with a “How To” guide!). What do I do with all of these things that I consider “talents?”
Mold them and fold them and fix them until they’re just right? And not just right for everyone else, but for me too.

I am just going in circles now… this is what happens when I have way too much time on my hands ( that should be spent to catch up on weeks of homework.. oy the joy of senioritis)

Personally speaking, I don’t really think there is anything wrong with my writing, even though I know I could improve a lot. I am just sick of being called mediocore compared to others.
There will always be someone who is better skilled than others
get over it people.