Thoughtless Thinking

A house is not a home
And maybe somethings aren’t built to last
We build our lives around things that we think are important, material items that we don’t have control of, items that could just slip out of our fingers and shatter.
I had this dress once that I bought for $20 that I was absolutely crazy about. I wore it everywhere, I loved how I looked, and I was way too attached to it. One day, I lost it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I was going out of my mind in anger over the fact that I had lost this dress that I looked so fabulous in. And then I realized that i was driving myself crazy over a piece of cloth. I had gotten way too attached to a material item. These things don’t matter, they’re just objects.
So, does that mean that we shouldn’t hang onto anything material? That we should just go throughout our lives not holding onto anything?
Most people build their lives around their family and friends, their community, their homes… and what happens when something like that just disappears?
What happens when you suddenly realize that all of the things that you built your life around aren’t going to last?
Not everything that we build is going to last forever. I mean, look at Rome.
So. How do I stop attaching myself to things that are just going to slip away?
How do I stop crying over every broken vase, every lost dress, every ruined friendship?
How do I stop caring and just starting living my life?
Is that possible?
I’m only human, I can’t honestly stop attaching myself to everything. But how do I stop caring about every little detail?
I can’t. That’s just it, I CAN’T. It’s not humanly possible for me to just stop caring, even if the whole world has given up on me, I can’t give up on it.
These materials that I hold onto with all my might, they’re going to slip away eventually, so I should just stop trying so hard.

I have gone in a big circle without a conclusion.
And now my head hurts from thinking so much… I have to stop thinking. THAT’S the answer to all my problems.
I am going to wander into a field without thinking anything…ahhhhh