The sun will come out tomorrow!!!… with a slight chance of rain

Tomorrow I shall return to wearing a uniform, and a stimulated smile caused by a cup of Starbucks coffee with double shots.
Tomorrow, I will return to being serious, no longer nostalgic or wishful.
After 10 days of a very needed vacation from school, I will return to the hallowed halls of the Hebrew Academy
for another 6 months of higher education.
I am weighing my emotions on a scale.
Being on vacation is so much fun…. but when I’m not busy running the show or doing my homework
I have unwanted time to think… anyone who knows me well knows that thinking is like a ticking bomb in my very sophisticatedly naive mind.
When I am in school, I am busy with school work, lectures, running student council, drama practice… errands that leave very little room for thought of “what ifs”
After our winter guests vacated our house, I suddenly found myself thinking too much about things that shouldn’t matter now…
like shidduchim, and seminary and life after high school…. it’s not like I’m graduating tomorrow, it’s only winter break of my junior year!!
But, I find myself surrounded by people who are already making those decisions…. so it’s a bit hard not to wonder off into a dreamy wonderland of thought… but my thoughts didn’t really do much except for haunt me in my sleep… literally.

So… I am happy to be returning to school tomorrow, because it will leave little room for my emotions to play tricks on me, and I can just enjoy stressing out over the next AP essay instead!

“An idle mind is the devils playground.”