One day at a time

Nothing’s going to change my world…

For once

I strongly
and passonately
The world
is constantly in motion
constantly changing
and what mattered 5 minutes ago, or even 5 years ago
suddenly doesn’t matter as much
and thats okay

Tonight I learned
that change is good
and the closer that I have been waiting for for 3 years, finally came
“I’ve changed Leigh. People Change.”
When those words came out of your mouth, I expected myself to gringe or cry
I have been waiting to hear those words for months
Waiting for your sign that you know how I feel
that my emotions are real, that they mean something to you
And so, as we sat there tonight, talking even though we didn’t really say much
I realized
that as important as you were
and as much as you knew me better than anyone else
and as much as I needed you
I don’t anymore
because the person that I was in middle school isn’t who I am now
and the person you were in high school definetly isn’t who you are now.

and I am okay with that
I can close the door on this, and know that the importance may still be there, but that I don’t need to wish for things to go back to how they once were
it’s all good

L’Chaim to change