Happiness is…

It’s one of those nights tonight
A night that darkness has crept upon my soul, leaving me really depressed and gloomy
ONe of those nights that I turn to things that help, even though they shouldn’t.
My good friends, the Beatles.
I am going down this road yet again
Where I am lost and confused
And nothing can help
except for goyshe music
That really sucks.

I failed my permit test for the second time last week
My sister passed
And now everyone is sitting on my head until I pass the stupid test.
Who said I even want to drive? Huh?
Okay, I do want to drive, it’s one step closer to what us teenagers call FREEDOM

I am in a slump
as Dr.Seuss once put it:

” And when you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself is not easliy done.”

So, I need some unslumping
The fact that I am causing all of this myself should give me some peace,
because at least I know where the source of all my problems are coming from.
They don’t come from anyone or any where else
I am doing this to myself
That should give me a slight bit of comfort
If it’s all coming from inside, then that means it should be easier to fix.
If only life were so easy.
Fixing yourself is so much harder than fixing other people
And atmitting that it really is all your fault doesn’t make it any easier.
It never is easy to admit the truth about yourself

I can’t see where I’m going…literally
I feel like everything is collapsing on top of my very fragile skull.
The truth is, is that nothing happened today or any other day in the past week that would have triggered this off
Well, maybe some small things have just been piling slowly but surely on my head, and they are all about to fall off
and crash on the floor

I need two seconds to catch my breath, before most things pile on

Just breathe
it’s all going to be okay
I need to unslump myself
I think I’ll go burry myself in Dr.Seuss books
Light and Fluffy
Nice and soft
and not hectic because all of this hectic stuff is going to drive me insane…
I wonder if anyone will come visit in the asylum?
Oy Has V Shalom

Going to go get light and fluffy

Somewhere over the rainbow
and down the rabbit hole
To anywhere BUT strawberry fields