Once again…

Once again I stand before you with the same conclution
I am going in circle
And In the end, I’m still in the same place.
That sucks
I’m still in the same place.
I am trying to stay on top of everything, school, my social life, ANYTHING
But I am not even half way there yet.
I hate myself right now
Trying to express yourself to someone who doesn’t hear you is hard.
If only they could read certain thoughts, it would be so much easier
It all sounds so good in my head, and then when it comes out of my mouth…
I’ve created another disaster

Anyone notice a certain pattern?
It’s almost Rosh Hashana again.
Last year, I was praying for a miracle
This year… I’m in exactly the same place.
I really thought I changed
I guess not

I think I’ll go seclude myself on some deserted island, that way I won’t harm anyone but myself, which I’m already doing pretty well at. Driving myself crazy…
In a field of strawberries
feet stuck in mud
watching the sunset over my face
everyone in their wings, flying towards the sun
Icarus was stupid…they seem to be too.
It’s safer on ground, can’t you see that?
But then again…
Being as far away from the angry mud incrusted tush kicker is probably best

Once again… I am stuck
And my happy vibes are no where to be found…