The long and winding road to next summer :)

Today was the first day down a long and winding road towards success.
My first day of Junior Year. WOOOOOWW.
I think I’ve waited for this year my entire life, and here it is, at my feet, waiting for my to pick it up and make something out of it.
This is big. I’m a junior… that means next year G-D Willing I’ll be a senior. That is so hectic.
This year is going to be intense.
Two AP classes ( yeah, I ACTUALLY got in after all)… That means one essay a week per class, homework, tests, the AP test in May
Hebrew School on Tuesdays
Chassidus Mondays and Wednesdays
Piano on Wednesdays
Social Life
Home Life
Movie Nights
Commuting to San Diego to spend time with Hanna because she’s not coming back 😦
Driving to SF to visit my dearest Chaya Mushka
Driving Lessons… Permit test… 50 hours of recorded driving…
Keeping up with everything of course with minimal hours of sleep every night

This is going to be interesting.

If I put my mind into this, I can achieve all of this, and come out only slightly bruised.
I just hope I won’t break down under the pressure…

Someone very dear to me told me something very true today. I degrade myself way too much.
After reading my post about Israel, my friend very lightly commented that all of my “wonderful talents” were known before, only not to myself, because I’m so busy putting myself down all the time. You know,my friend was right. I spend so much time fighting against myself, and I don’t even know why.
OF COURSE I can do this… I have G-D on my side… and cliff notes ( Just Kidding)

If anything, I got exactly what I wanted. Didn’t I beg like a madman to be in these classes? So, WHY am I so worried?
Mr.Franks himself said today in class that all of us are in that class because he knows we have the ability and the knowledge to succeed.

I am so excited to see what unfolds for me G-D Willing this year

So, L’chaim to new beginnings, and “hidden” talents and kind words 🙂