The long and winding road to sanity…

I am not really so inspired… but I think I have to say SOMETHING.

I’ve been gone all summer… I went on a trip down the road of sanity, you know, just to try it out…
I kind of liked it. 🙂
I left reality for about 5 weeks and jetted off to Israel to experience life.
Mission Accomplished.
I tasted the sweetest taste of freedom this summer. I went off to go live my life… I left everything I knew and dived head first into the sweetest place… Neverland

Israel was absolutely out of this world. I did things out of my norm, things I would have never dreamed of doing. I broke barriers that I couldn’t break in California. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t stuck. I learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t know… did anyone know that I’m funny, because I sure never realized it! And, by the way, all this nonsense about me being scared of heights… not true.
And I think one of the greatest things I learnt this summer, was that I really am a good person, even if I make mistakes, I’m a much better person than I give myself credit for. 🙂

It’s a nice feeling to come home knowing that during the long summer months, I accomplished more than just being a camp counselor at SGi ( which is great too you know…)

Coming back to reality was weird, because the life I had left frozen when I left, melted and moved on… and surprisingly I am really okay with that. You can’t expect the whole world to just stop and wait for you while you go off looking for yourself in dark caves and mysterious mountains. I came home to a cute little baby sister named Chana Mushka… with all the changes of the summer, this had to be one of the biggest. We’re talking really big here.HUGE. She’s the cutest baby ever k”h, and I’m NOT just saying that okay?

It was definitely weird to come home after being totally disconnected for 5 weeks, and hear all the hecticness I left behind.. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Scary Drama… And I used to be a Drama queen, remember that, way back in June?

And now that I am pretty much settled back home, it’s time to jump back into life. I think this summer gave me something to hope for, something to live for. I can go back into my life and use what I’ve learned to strengthen myself…
So, get ready world, because here I come, the new and improved Leigh Est 🙂

( And to think at the beginning of this post I had nothing to say…HA!)