Pure defintions

Another endless night, with another test to study for ( two actually)
10 dates to memorize… does anyone know what happened on Nov.11,1918?
Or why the Romantic Period in Europe was called the Romantic Period?
I should.
But I don’t.
My head is in space, and what a lovely place it is to be indeed.
More definitons have popped up over the past 48 hours
If life is limited, then why do I have limitless defintions, choices, acts, and chances?
…the limitless of the naked eye isn’t an unlimited life at all.
The unlimited thoughts of a human are limited to a certain extent…
but because we are so limited, our minds only see the unlimited of this world… with isn’t really unlimited at all
Am I making any sense?
Here I go again, in a perfect circle without a conclution
What other definitions can I give?
What other life can I lead besides the one that I am leading already?
Who am I if not for myself?

I have discovered a few definitions in which to mold my character almost perfectly….
perfectly fit in a less then perfect world? Perfectly Human is an oxymoron….
My unlimited limits and perfectly molded mindsets have brought me to a very winded, twisted road.
A road in which no one else makes decisions for me, or defines me or judges me
And I don’t know what to do with myself
Without the judges and the glaring eyes and the questions, I don’t know how to build myself
They have left me with a fake imprint, a strangers ID
Because although they have no right to define me, they do…
So, who am I? The person who I think I am as society has made me
or the person I know I am according to myself, my imprefect thoughts and my limited expanding ideas?
I wonder…

I noticed lately, that some people find it easier to have others define them then to have to sit down and do it themselves.
To figure out the complicated ways of your own mind is daunting at times…yet so satisfying.
To you I am one, and to myself I am another.

So, which one am I?
Who I know I am, or who you think I am?
Theres a big difference

Do you see it?
Of course you don’t… you have limited your ideas to what you allow yourself to see.
And so, we are truly limited.
And oh so Perfectly Human