Poetic Attack/True Definition of a crossroads p2

“The TRUTH…WHERE is the truth, because you have been living a lie and I have been lying to you.”
There. I said it.
I admit now that I said it I feel a bit bad
But the truth is ( theres that word again…..truth)…
I don’t know what the truth is
because honestly ( and where is honesty too? I wonder)
But the truth about looking for the truth is this:
You and I can look at the same painting, hear the same song, hear the same story
and the truth for us will be something different
the taste, the smell, the feeling
it’s all different
So WHERE is the truth, if I lied about what I felt, and maybe you lied about what you saw.

But the point is…
I have been attacked
by a poet, by a writer, by someone who is unreal in my eyes
Now I see the real side of you
Angry, hateful, revengeful
There… I just defined you
placed you into a mold, poured you in and now that it’s drying up
I see you for who you truly are….
There is nothing wrong with who I am…
I am back at my crossroad, and this time I am not going to let you define me
The fact that you pretend to know me doesn’t help
you cannot define me
Like I said before: when I love I am a liar…
And when I fight I am a looser
The fact that i was poetically bashed does not define me
” I loved a lie.”
“Don’t trust a faker.. no one is ever as they seem…”
is THAT what I get for being honest?
I guess so.
My truth is something other than yours
My ideas, my love, my passions are different
Defining someone according to one mold fit for one society, where everyone sees the same, hears the same and does the same thing
I can’t live that way
So, I will say it my way
and do it my way
And go down my road
with singing Strawberry Fields Forever and learning Tanya