Seriously Contemplating the true possibility of self loathing

The House of Shattered glass is open
Come one, come all, to this splendid place!
A once in a lifetime treat that you don’t see very often!
Back in my horror movie, my roller coaster, my crossroads
Thinking… thinking seems to be bad for me.
So, I am seriously contemplating this idea
that maybe truly, it’s all MY fault!
For not opening or closing doors
for shutting unshut windows
for picking up pieces that need to stay on the floor
put the broom back Sherlock, this mystery needs to stay a mystery
and indeed it all seems to be a mystery
This mysterious path that I am on, not knowing where to go or what to do.
Just sit
and listen to the beat of my heart… it sounds like a waltz to me.
Shall we dance? Oh yes, lets!
But not here, you’ll get glass in between your toes!
I made the mistake of dancing in shattered glass.

So, did I hurt myself? Maybe.
But I realized something… it’s not my fault
Dancing an complex dance as this one takes two pairs of feet
Tango the night away… it takes two
So, yeah this whole contemplation is coming from me
and yes the possibility of me coming out of this with extreme hatred towards myself is large
But you convinced me to dance did you not! AHA! The Unopen, unwanted mystery has mysteriously been solved!

But what about YOU?
The pretender
the player
the lover
the hater
the angel
the devil
There are so many things I can say about YOU
You… are you a person? Place? Spirit, source, life?
Whatever YOU are, I think you need to look at this.
take out your Sherlock outfit and the pipe… ready, set, solve!

What is it that makes you tick? That makes you smile, or cry or feel?
Can you see what this all means? And you feel the damages and the glass?
Jump down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland… what do you see?
I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.
I am dragging along the path, not going anywhere
time goes by… and I don’t care.

I need a vacation from this house of shattered glass
no more self loathing or self betrayal or self anything.
I’m leaving on a Jet plane… Tuscany awaits
An open invitation stands for those elite few who wish to join me on my wonderful run away
Going to the light and fluffy
Time to put my horror movie to bed