Divine Simplicity

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see
All the same things become so complicated
all the simple things
The Divine Simplicity of life can become an obstacle course
A big leafy maze, with twists and turns
And all at one, everything can turn upside down
and where did the Simplicity go?
I don’t know.

How can one define Divine Simplicity?
So simple, that it becomes complicated to explain.
One word, a simple word, can complicate an entire dream

It’s something that my mind cannot seem to understand
even simple things aren’t that simple.
Is that because we choose to let it be that way, or is that just the ” way it is?”
Don’t we choose to complicate things?

The simple life
Simple days, simple dreams, simple fears
Why can’t it all just be like that?
“Don’t take life too seriously, it’s really all very simple.”
If only I would have thought to listen to those words earlier
Now, at my fork in the road, I wonder if my path would have been easier, had I listened to those wise words
Maybe… the simple choices didn’t seem interesting or lively…
and now I am here… missing the Divine Simplicity
Oh to be young and free
and fly
But hey… it’s never too late right?
So, down the road this time, I will go the right way
Thank G-D for second chances
l’Chaim to Divine Simplicity