light and fluffy

Right now, I rather not be thinking
thinking thinking thinking
always thinking
Tick tock
I rather not be looking at every current situation
every happy occurance is only making me think more
Why can’t life just be simple?
Plain and Simple?
Without all the extra additions and needs and wants
I rather surround myself with the light and fluffy
instead of the stone and the bricks
Walking in quick sand with a ton of “To Dos” On my back
Light and fluffy
aaahhh light and fluffy
a piano
a couple books
paper, a pen
and Tuscany
the ultimate light and fluffy get away
No more assignments or essays
or messy sticky situations
Just me, living in a Villa in Tuscany
with a piano, a key to all my closed doors
and my books
Can’t wait to run away
to be light and fluffy